Sunday, 14 February 2016

Leaving it on the mat.

These last few months have been a whirlwind of travelling, socializing, wearing really uncomfortable panty hose and yoga.

I never thought I would say this....but I'm learning to really love the time I have on my 72" X 24" dimension mat. It's the only thing that's been pretty consistent over the last two months. I've also learned to value how little or how much time I have on my mat. Some days, it's only been 20 minutes, but that's been enough time to make me feel like I've made time for myself and I've moved around loosening up some tightness. Moving with purpose and focusing on my breathe and body. That time is about me, all ABOUT ME. And no one else.

I went to my first yoga class about 15 years ago - I continued to practice mostly because I LOVED the dripping of sweat on my mat. It would sound like an intense tropical rainfall in Costa Rica....I LOVED IT. I loved the feeling of sweat starting at my forehead and making it's way to the tip of my nose and then....DRIP onto my mat. I won't lie - I still love the feeling of the reverse shower I get at hot yoga, but now actually taking the time to practice at home in my own neutral-temperature apartment is not something I ever thought I would do. Yoga was alway something I would do to mix up my workouts, but now it's becoming THE workout. The consistent thing in my life.

Do I miss the DEEP BASS and heavy hand clapping of aerobics? ABSOLUTELY. Do I want to break out in high kick and dance while we are doing sun salutations?- YES, why can't I make my own sun salutations up with high kicks? Do I find it hard not to talk to my neighbour in class and socialize while we are supposed to be focusing on our breathe - SOOOO HARD NOT TO TALK TO THEM! LET ME WHISPER PLEASE....I can say, in this moment in my life, with so much uncertainty and chaos when I'm on my mat I feel like I can focus on me and I know it will probably be okay...and even if I am not okay, I know how to do some really cool inversions now. That's right - upside down, right side up - I can do it.
If you are looking for some yoga to do at home, this is a free site that has something for every level:

(I had problems streaming some of the videos from the site so I searched the ones I wanted on Youtube and I was good to go).

People change, our workout preferences change, life changes and it can be scary/anxiety provoking/exciting. Do what makes you feel safe, happy and focused to get through it all.

This video includes EXCELLENT rain noises (10 hours of it!) to inspire you to drip out the sweat on the mat.

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