Saturday, 9 January 2016

The INNER Sweat

Happy New Year! I hope you all had some wonderful holidays that involved time with friends, family and hydration after those holiday workouts! The holidays means time at home for me - which allows me to do many of my fave Body Attack, Daily Method and Spin workouts. The best part - it's ALWAYS with a friend/my mom.

This year I decided I would take some time during the holidays and try a different kind of "workout." A more intrinsic one involving a lot of focus on the breath, awareness of the body and thoughts.

WAIT A MINUTE...this doesn't sound too sweaty? Okay you GOT me - you're right, but I was surprised to find it the perfect addition to the rest of the sweaty fun I partake in. I've been going to gentle yin and meditation classes over the last couple of weeks. It's quite new for me, and I find the entire 60-90 minutes a struggle to shut off the madness in my mind. It's definitely as challenging and even more so then many of the other more physical workouts I have done.

These classes to me represent self-care. The teacher acts as a guide that leads you through suggested movements and reminds you to focus on your breath throughout the class. The lights are perfectly dim, with a few candles flickering in the front, and the guide speaks with such a gentle voice which is so easy to get lost in. I wish I could say that for those 60-90 minutes my mind shuts off and I completely focus on the breathing - but this would be an outrageous lie. I think what I've learned more than anything is my mind is polluted with all sorts of noise. It's impossible for me to focus on th breath after 6 or seven breaths. The first step is self-awareness...right?

I will definitely continue to attend these types of classes because I'm realizing as important as it is for me to have a physical workout, it's also nice to have the time for self-care and attempts to decrease that noise even just a little bit.


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