Thursday, 1 March 2012

WHAT in the HIGH KICK is this Blog?!?

Hello fellow sweaters (not the kind you put on your body when it's cold - which it is apparently ALL the time here in Ottawa). What is this blog? You's hard to say. But I can tell you what it is NOT: it is not a forum to share recipes (unless protein powder is involved), it is NOT a forum to make fun of Jane Fonda (I love her sooo much), nor is a forum to tell spoil shows such as 90201 or Gossip Girl (I am a few seasons behind).
The most important thing about a blog, in my personal opinion, is that it can make you laugh or enraged or sometimes both BUT this blog will make you want to do ALL of the above and SWEAT - sweat until you bleed (not figuratively but like in "Everybody Dance Now" by Bob Sinclair - see link attached below). So I suggest strongly that you get your running shoes laced up, put on that favorite workout shirt of yours and pick the brightest headband you own before you read this blog. SWEAT IT OUT.

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