Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The REALITY ...and sometimes it isn't so pretty...

It's been about 2 weeks now I have been trying to get back onto the CHOOO CHOOO exercise train. There have been drenched towels, empty water bottles, sore muscles and most of all exhaustion. People always say - it's hard at first...but soon you will have more energy, you'll sleep better and you'll feel great. WHEN IS THAT? WHEN IS THAT I ASK THESE PEOPLE? Okay fine, maybe I am a little dramatic but I am sore. VERY SORE. I don't feel great, I feel like it's a challenge to sit down to go pee and ...don't get me started on the getting up from the toilet. I am constantly thirsty and way hungrier than before. I have gone through this before..."the beginning." It's the hardest part for me. Not caving into the soreness and skipping the early morning workout so I can sleep and rest my muscles. Do not get me wrong, we all need rest and we do need to listen to our bodies...but we need to also decipher excuses from actual pain and injury. Yes may shoulders may prevent me from blowdrying my hair but that doesn't mean I can't go for a run or walk. I force myself out of bed, or the couch after work and get to the gym and do my thing. In times like this, when I'm tired and sore I try and surround myself with others that are on the exercise CHOOO CHOOO train. Group fitness is the best for motivation, music and smiles. 

Regardless of where you are on your fitness journey we all have hard days. Listen to your body. Is it a legit pain, are you feeling unwell or are you making excuses? Be honest with yourself.


Sweat it out folks!

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  1. Get on itt--Loving this sound track!! Looking very forward to read more of you! Bisouss