Sunday, 11 March 2012

Laughter is Exercise

Sometimes my abs, jaw and cheeks hurt soooo much. Did I lose a wrestling match? No. Did I fall on my face? No. Did I walk into the wall while texting? No (but likely). I had a laughing workout. 
What is a laughing workout - the video below will demonstrate. I STRONGLY suggest you watch the entire thing.
A few great things about a laughing workout:
1) You can do it anywhere (EXCEPT THE LIBRARY).
2) Minimal equipment required.
3) You can do it alone (might get some looks) or as a group.
4) Minimal risk of injury - unless you are a knee slapper.
5) Laughter has many mental health benefits.

So please - if you can't make it out for a workout - do not despair. LAUGH IT OUT - and high kick at the same time if appropriate. 

Enjoy this video. I LOVE THIS LADY!

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