Sunday, 29 April 2012

Everyone just stay CALM - the bloggg is back on track

It happens - it happens to us all. We fall of the blog train, but when you hear that train a choo-choo-ing you just back on! Where did the blog go? Well - it got covered in the abyss of school/work/fam and friend obligations. But don't worry, stay CALM - even when life gets in the way of your exercise schedule you can fit it in! HOW?!
Let's think about this for a second...what do you ACTUALLY need to exercise?
1) You....
2)....just you.
Let me illustrate with some examples.

Stuck in the library for HOURS? Grab two books and lunge in the book stacks. Everything is on the internet now - likely people don't really need those books as much as you need them to exercise! Feeling like you really need a GREAT work out? Don't just hold those books in your hands - BICEP curl them - YOU HEARD ME.

In the elevator? Stretch it out! STRETCH IT OUT. A little hamstring stretch hurt NOBODY!!! Work that body, work that body, baby you don't hurt nobody. Bend your knee so you are kicking your butt with your foot and grab your foot from behind with your hand. Tilt your pelvis forward and BAM feel that stretch. Best part - you barely take up any room so others can still join you in the elevator. HECK! They may even join you in the stretch.

Waiting in line? Feel like you are wasting time? WE CAN CHANGE THAT. Have something in your hands? Well hold you arms up like you are making a T with your body - hold your arms up and MAINTAIN. Hold it until you get to the front of the line - or you think you might drop the entire can of whatever you have in your hands all over the floor. ARMS UP, CORE ENGAGED and BREATHE!
Got nothing in your hands? Ask the person in front/behind you to hold their items. You can also just hold your arms up with nothing in them - you will feel a burn - I ASSURE YOU.

So there you have it friends - take opportunities to make even the dullest moments effective workout moments. ENJOY! Glad to be back!

SHAKIRA says it best. 

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