Friday, 6 November 2015

'Tis the SWEATY season

This is it - In my opinion the best season for outdoor workouts. It's not too hot, not too cold and not too icy. The fall leaves are changing, the air smells like sewage (it makes you run faster), and people aren't overly angry yet since we're still warmer than 0 degrees celsius. 

The only challenge I have at times is deciding what to wear for my fall-time runs. I usually go with full or three-quarter leggings on the bottom. The tricky part is the top. Do I wear a lighter top and struggling with a colder warm-up? What about a warmer top, which has been sweating in excess at the top of the hill? OR do I wear two layers and then be stuck running with one around my waist? Yes, yes - what a trivial problem I have. Must be nice to have this as my dilemma - IT IS NOT MY ONLY DILEMMA IN LIFE - let me ASSURE you. 

My new thing has been the double-layer-hide. I'll wear two layers, but I hate having to run with an extra garment dangling from my body - SO - I hide it somewhere along my running path. I hide it very well, because well let's be honest - I smell good and who knows what dog or human would take it as their own to put under their pillow and smell? Right? 

This has been an excellent strategy until I forget where I hid my garment, or more recently completely forgot about it until about 1km after I had passed it on my way I had to run all the way back for it adding a 2km to my run. I got an extra 2km in, all against my own will. Not bad right?

So, this leads me to my strategy to get those extra steps in throughout the day - hide your things in the evening and you will have to move FAST and find them in the AM when you're running late. Hide your friends' lunches, their phones and wallets. You will be helping them reach their fitness goals. And if they get mad - tell them you're do it for THEM. Yes, this is about THEM. 

You're welcome. Have a great weekend. 

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