Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sweating IS Anger Management - for me at least

Feel like you have been treated unfairly at work? Were you in line for WAYYYY TOOO long at the grocery store? Did your cell phone company rip you off AGAIN? The trials and tribulations of living in a Go-Go-GO-No REALLY- GOOOOO society. Life can get stressful, your plate can pile up real fast (and I am not talking about salmon filets here) and you might  feel like your next HIGH KICK won't be to the air - it might be to an object/person. Put any sharp, heavy, shiny objects (unless this is your headband) down and get those RUNNING SHOES ON! Or you can substitute the running shoes for a yoga mat, bathing suit, or bare feet. It is time to SWEAT IT OUT!

Release the stress through each stride on the treadmill, stroke in the pool or kick of the soccer ball. With every sweat drop is a little bit of stress leaving your body. Not only will this prevent you from doing something that may get you in jail, it will have AMAZING mental and physical health benefits. Talk about turning some negative energy into POSITIVE energy.

So please - next time you are mad - don't go to jail, GET SWEATY!!!!

My favorite anger management song is the THEME SONG TO MORTAL COMBAT! Also these dudes are hilarious - IF you are injured don't worry - just watch these hooligans. 

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