Sunday, 8 March 2015

Happy Sweaty Women's Day!!!

It was not that long ago that women were discouraged from ridding a horse due to a risk of "deformities in the lower body..." (Walker, 1837).  Women made their first competitive appearance at the Olympics in 1900 - in lawn tennis and golf. Things have changed drastically since those days. Women are now ENCOURAGED to do physical activity. World Health Organization Guidelines recommend women participate in physical activity to improve womens' health and help prevent diseases and conditions that are major causes of death and disability such as: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and breast cancer. Big surprise that physical activity also reduced stress levels, anxiety and depression therefore improving mental health. MUSCULAR WOMEN? GASP!!! NO MORE! Women's bodies are celebrated in all different shapes and sizes. My prized possession? My biceps. What's your favorite part of your booooddddyyyyy? Be proud, be strong, be a WOMAN!

So LADIES leave your men at home...or bring them with you and have a most sweaty Sunday.

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