Thursday, 26 March 2015


A couple weeks ago my dear handsome, intelligent and athletic friend asked me if he could join me the next time I went to Hot Yoga. He workouts out regularly and enjoys a variety of quick, efficient workouts resulting him enjoying his protein shakes and bars after getting his sweat on. I wasn't sure if he would LOVE Hot Yoga but who am I to decide that? I have been enjoying the warmth and benefits of hot yoga for a few years. I find when you do something for a few years you forget that it may not be so "normal" or extreme. Well bringing a newcomer can quickly remind you that things are normal as thought. 

We arrived to a intermediate level class Sunday evening. The yoga studio was extremely busy with sweaty bodies finishing their workouts drinking tea and relaxing in the main area. We got changed and I set our mats up in a far corner as requested by my dear friend. We spent the few minutes before class relaxing outside and drinking tea. Upon entering the room he realized the warmth...and as we climbed over all the fit, shirtless yogis I could see he wasn't exactly sure what he got himself into. 

The thing with yoga is if you haven't mastered the basics for awhile it may be hard to keep up. Often the teachers are walking around the room adjusting the students, they are not always performing the sequences for the students to follow. So I can appreciate the struggle the newcomers may face as I often face them when it there are series or postures I have yet to try. My dear friend kept up quite well. Slowly the sweat started to drip, eyes started to sting and THAT beautiful sound of RAIN falling on your mat was heard across the studio. But we all know it is not RAIN - it is A REVERSE SHOWER...whereby you are not having the warm water of your shower clean you, you are internally cleaning yourself by SHOWERING your environment with your electrolytes and fluids. It is a wonderful sound and generally accompanied with harder postures where you are told to focus on your breath...but you are REALLY JUST HOPING FOR THE TEACHER TO SAY "take one last breath" until you can halt the uncomfortable sensations. (I hope to reach the point where I can just BREATHE INTO THE PAIN like it doesn't exist...but I am not quite there yet...).

At one point during the class I heard one of those  St. Bernard Mountain Dogs PANTING after chasing a mountain squirrel. Guess who? My dear friend. As the class was in down-dog he was lying on his back just PANTING...I ask "are you okay?" and he between pants he asked "WHY...IS...IT...SO...HOTTTTTTTT???????" With this we flowed through to a few more sun salutations. He did just great. A couple times the teacher came over the adjust him, I heard a variety of noises. An "Ow" and "NO NO" followed by "my body will not do that." Points for honesty. 

At the end of the class I think we both enjoyed our favorite part- Shavasana and THE BEST PART OF ANY HOT YOGA CLASS - THAT MOMENT. You all know what I am talking about. The RUSH OF COLD FRESH CLEAN AIR on your sweaty body. Oh- if someone could bottle that feeling....

It was all in all a great experience. I got a great workout with a dear friend - and I think it was also an excellent source of entertainment. 

Next time your going to do one of your favorite workouts bring a friend that hasn't tried it yet. As per this will be a WIN- WIN - WIN (mostly for you!)

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