Monday, 23 March 2015

The unusual suspect - ET CA FAIT MAL!

I had the luxury of coming home this weekend. I love being home for a number of reasons - my family, friends and favorite familiar spots; this list includes my favorite yoga studio, gym to do BODY ATTACK, and now barre studio. Two of my dear friends opened up The Dailey Method Ottawa less than two months ago. I feel like I have been watching an amazing journey unfold before my eyes. From listening about how much Sarah loved her first workout at the Dailey Method in Vancouver, to being at the opening of the studio earlier this year has been inspiring and given me motivation to pursue my own career and health goals. The studio isn't just a place to get your workout on - it's also a community of warm welcoming faces and support for anyone of any fitness level to achieve their fitness goals, improve their alignment and a happy environment that can provide a place to destress and smile. Before I get even more sappy, I will tell you about the workout because that's what this blog is about.

I tried the Dailey Barre class which is a bit of a faster pace than the Dailey Basics class. It was lead by a high school friend Sarah S, who was enthusiastic and gave the most excellent instructions while adjusting my alignment so my already burning quads felt even more on FIRE. SOMEONE CALL 911 - FIRE BURNING. The best thing about the workout is that you do get a whole body workout but you're working your core the ENTIRE TIME. My abs and obliques are pleasantly sore, and my quads and hams are definitely feeling it (I wouldn't use pleasant as a descriptor.). I had an excellent time and I can't wait to come back and do some more classes. What I appreciated from my weekend and workout at home is how a community can make you feel so warm, loved and care for (despite the fact that it is -20 on the 3rd day of spring). From all the hugs, sweaty high fives and teasing this weekend I can say I feel refreshed, renewed and extremely sore. Sometimes when we first start working out, or get back into the groove the best thing you can do for yourself is to do it people that support and encourage you. It doesn't have to be at a studio, it can be a running group, community fitness center or maybe a couple friends you meet consistently to hit the ball around or go for a walk. It makes the world of a difference to feel all the love - even when you're a sweaty mess. 

Have the most excellent week!!

I am so proud of my friends at the Dailey Method - for my last ounce of sappiness....I have chosen this song:

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